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May 2010
Dr. Tom McGuire's
 Dental Wellness Institute
Dr. Tom McGuire
Practicing and Promoting Mercury-Safe Dentistry
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Tom McGuire is featured as a "Dental Hero" in an new article written by Michelle Alford at dental1.org.  Click Here to read. 
If you have questions or comments about the article, please Contact Us.
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The primary purpose of Dr. Tom McGuire's Dental Wellness Institute is to educate the public about the health hazards of Amalgam Fillings, Chronic Mercury Poisoning, Mercury Detoxification and the Relationship of Oral to Overall Health.  Dr. McGuire also offers products that are designed to improve your oral and overall health including books, preventative dental care products, and oral health care supplements.  Remember to visit his Website often for the latest updates.  Be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section found on the home page.
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Dr. Tom McGuire's Dental Wellness Institute continuously strives to find new ways of getting the word out about Mercury Safe Dentistry. Tom is often featured in dental wellness articles, publications and on many health and wellness websites.
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