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About the Dental Wellness Newsletter
As this may be the first Dental Wellness Newsletter you've received I want to state its purpose. My Newsletter is for you if you are concerned about all aspects of your oral and overall health and want to improve it. It's for you if you want to: 
  • improve your energy level, 
  • improve the quality of your life 
  • save on dental and health care costs, and even 
  • increase your life expectancy. 
To do that you must have the information you need to be pro-active about your oral health because, "It is impossible to be truly healthy without good oral health!"
Ultimately the purpose of my Newsletters is to provide you with the information you need to make educated choices about your oral health and cease being a victim of these destructive oral issues. 

Future Newsletter topics will range from gum disease and mercury amalgam silver fillings, to root canals and mercury detoxification. I encourage you to read the Newsletters you'll receive and tell your family and friends about it.

In Health,

Dr. Tom
Gum Disease: A Serious Infection of the Body
Are you aware that gum disease can have a serious affect on overall health? The long held belief that gum disease is a localized, minor disease of the teeth and gums has not withstood the test of time. It is actually a serious disease of the body!!!

It may originate in the mouth, but left unchecked, the destruction it
Bacteria Attacking Teeth
can cause is definitely not restricted to it. An increasing body of scientific evidence now proves that gum disease can increase the risk of:
  • Heart attack by as much as 25%
  • Stroke by a factor of 10
  • Respiratory disease
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Digestive disease
  • Preterm low birth weights
Gum disease can also make it more difficult to control diabetes and is now considered a factor in osteoporosis. It can also severely stress the immune system, lowering the body's resistance to other diseases and  - can actually reduce life expectancy

Dr. Tom's book, Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body takes the mystery out of  dental disease and shows you how to restore your mouth to optimal health and function! Click Here to Browse Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body!
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Mercury Risk Evaluation
Are You Mercury Toxic?
Gum disease isn't the only oral health issue that can affect your overall health. Over 150 million Americans have mercury amalgam/silver fillings in their HG Logo clear background teeth. The majority of them have at least eight mercury amalgam fillings, chew gum, grind or clench their teeth, snack throughout the day and drink lots of hot liquids. And every time mercury amalgam fillings are stimulated, poisonous mercury vapor is released into your body!. 
That is bad enough, but there are many other sources of mercury exposure and once you learn just how toxic mercury is you'll want to know how to evaluate your exposure to mercury from all sources - and what your risk is. 
Dr. Tom McGuire's 'Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth' YouTube Video demonstration not only proves that mercury is released from amalgams - but that more mercury vapor is released from brushing a single mercury amalgam filling than is allowed by governmental regulatory agencies at the workplace. Click Here to watch this Amazing Video. 
Click Here to take your FREE Mercury Risk Evaluation!
Click Here to Browse The Poison in Your Teeth: Mercury Amalgam (Silver) Fillings . . . Hazardous to Your Health!
Humor & Trivia
Just for the Fun of It
: "My dentist says that Bacon and Soda works just as good as toothpaste!"
: That's "Baking Soda!"

The average woman smiles 62 times a day. The average man smiles about 8 times a day. Are men just more serious - or more grumpy?

A computer once beat me at chess - but it was no match for me at kickboxing.
- Emo Philip -

Americans buy 14 million gallons of toothpaste every year! Yet over 90% of the population has gum disease. Is something wrong with this picture?

And the good news is . . . Certain antioxidants in red wine have been shown to prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth. Maybe the secret is to brush with red wine and skip the toothpaste?
About Dr. Tom McGuire
Tom White Background
Dr. Tom McGuire is one of the world's foremost authorities on: 
  • Mercury Amalgam Fillings
  • Chronic Mercury Poisoning
  • Mercury Detoxification, and 
  • Holistic Dental Wellness. 

He is the author of the best-selling books: 
  • The Poison in Your Teeth
  • Mercury Detoxification
  • Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body. 
Visit Dr. Tom's Website at: www.mercurysafedentists.com

Dr. Tom has the only DVD Course available to dentists on How to Make the Dental Practice Occupationally Mercury Safe. If you have a favorite dentist and want to help educate him, or her, about the benefits of practicing Mercury Safe Dentistry (to the dentist, the staff, the patient, and the environment) you can direct them to the New Directions Dentistry Website at: www.newdirectionsdentistry.com 
Dr. Tom also has the highest ranked and most comprehensive Mercury Safe Dentist Directory on the Internet. To find a Mercury Free, Mercury Safe, Holistic Dentist go to his Directory Search Page at: www.mercurysafedentists.com/freeservices/find_dentists.html
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