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The Reasons and Excuses

Over the years, dentists have given me many reasons—along with a number of excuses—why patient education is not a priority. Following are those I’ve heard most often: 

The patient doesn’t care;

Prevention just doesn’t work;

There’s just no time for it in my practice;

I don’t have space to set aside to teach patients;

In office patient education is too time consuming;

I’ve tried handouts and videos and nothing worked;

My dental hygienist just doesn’t have time to spend on patient education; and

If something doesn’t work it’s a waste of time and resources.

But when you look behind all the reasons and the excuses, one thing stands out: patient education is simply not profitable. Dentistry is a business. Every successful business person knows that if something takes time, costs money and doesn’t generate revenues, you don’t do it for long, or you’re not going to do it very well. 

I suggest that there are other, more valid reasons why dentists have failed to effectively educate their patients: 

Dental schools have not addressed the issue of patient education;

Dentistry has never developed a standardized way to educate patients; and

Educating the patient at the dental office will never be effective.

The good news is that these excuses and reasons can be easily rectified. Correcting them can actually turn an important aspect of dentistry that isn’t working into one that works for the patient, dentist, and hygienist—and it’s profitable.

Making Preventive Dental Education Profitable

The solution to making prevention not only effective and practical for the patient—but also profitable for the dentist—is to incorporate my system of patient education into your practice. In doing so, you’ll address two of the most important reasons listed above: standardizing patient education and educating away from the dental office. It may not be an easy task to change how dental schools approach prevention, but my system will work for you whether dental schools see the light or not. 

The value of my education system for the patient is clearly explained in Prevention Program. How it will work for you, the dental hygienist, and your practice is detailed in Making Prevention Profitable. My suggestion is to have your dental hygienist review this page, For the Hygienist, Making Prevention Profitable, and Prevention Program. Once she does, I’m certain she will want to implement this program as part of your preventive dentistry. Briefly, my preventive system will 

Standardize patient education;

Effectively educate the patient away from the dental office;

Increase treatment plan acceptance;

Be a great word-of-mouth practice builder;

Save the dentist and hygienist valuable time;

Make your practice more rewarding; and

Provide liability protection. 

As a dentist I would see all of these as very beneficial to my practice.

Mercury Free and Mercury Safe Dentists: A Personal Message

While my system of patient education will work for any dental office, I have a special interest in conveying my message to mercury free dentists. I am 100% against mercury-amalgam fillings and totally support the concept of mercury free dentistry. But as a specialist in dental wellness, I also know that just being concerned about the health hazards of mercury-amalgam fillings isn’t enough. 

Mercury free dentists have an even greater obligation to make dental disease prevention an integral part of their dental practices because they have a greater understanding of the relationship of oral to overall health. They are also more aware of the concept of whole body health and healing and the importance of bridging the gap between the mouth and the rest of the body. All mercury free dentists understand the damage mercury can do to overall health, but gum disease can be just as destructive. My experience has shown that not all mercury free dentists are aware of just how destructive dental disease can be.

So in my opinion, it just isn’t good enough to only emphasize the value of removing and replacing mercury-amalgam fillings. If you truly want to support your patients’ efforts to achieve optimal health, you must be willing to make preventive education an integral part of your dental practice. I can guarantee that if you address and treat both gum disease and mercury amalgam fillings, the results you see will be greater than can be achieved by addressing only the mercury issue. 

I encourage you to join my Mercury Free Dentist Internet Listing Service. Today, 70% of those searching for a mecury free dentist finds him or her on the Internet. I have the highest ranked mercury free and mercuy safe dentist directory and the most comprehensive listing. Listing with me will assure you of the most prominent ranking on the Internet. For more information call 1-800-335-7755 or Email Me.

In Health,


Dr. Tom 

P.S. I’m open to suggestions and I’d appreciate your comments about how you feel about preventive dentistry and how I can make this website better serve you and your patients. Please email them to me by Clicking Here. Thank you!

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