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Mercury Amalgam - Silver Fillings: Hazardous to Your Health

I’m know that some dentists don’t believe the mercury released when amalgam silver fillings are unsafely removed jeopardizes the health of the patient and dental office staff. I also know that many dentists who do believe that amalgam fillings are a health hazard are not aware of the safest mercury amalgam filling removal protocol that can protect the patient, dentist and staff, and the environment from excessive and unnecessary exposure to mercury during amalgam removal. 

It’s also possible that a pro-mercury amalgam dentist may abide by your decision to remove your mercury amalgam fillings but lacks the necessary equipment and experience to remove them in the safest way possible. Or he, or she, may not fully understand the importance of following the correct removal procedure . . . or who just doesn't care. If your dentist falls into any of these categories, you should take the time to find a mercury free and mercury safe dentist who is well versed in this protocol. If you must work with a dentist who isn’t, I suggest you provide him with a copy of the guidelines I will recommend in the next section and ask him to follow them. If he won't, or argues with you, I suggest finding one who will. After all, you are the patient and you hire him; it is your body, not his; and it is YOUR choice.

Even if your dentist informs you that he/she is mercury safe and follows a safe removal protocol, it wouldn't hurt to have him/her explain what it is. You could ask the safe mercury amalgam removal protocol is the same or similar to the one I suggest. Although her procedures don’t have to be exactly the same, if it deviates significantly from this protocol, make sure he/she gives you a satisfactory explanation as to why.  

Should I Have My Mercury Amalgam Silver Fillings Removed Safely

The guidelines I recommend for safe mercury amalgam filling removal are based on the removal protocols established by the New Directions Dentistry (NDD). Click Here for information about NDD. The value of using this protocol is that it can reduce your exposure to mercury vapor and amalgam particles during filling removal by nearly 100%. While this preventive approach to minimizing anyone's exposure to toxic mercury vapor is important, it’s an absolute must for those who: 

are pregnant or nursing and still choose to have mercury amalgam silver fillings removed;

are allergic to mercury or any of the other materials used in an amalgam filling, particularly tin or silver;

anyone who has ever had any adverse side effects after having mercury amalgam fillings placed or removed; and

anyone who has immune system disorders, allergies, or other serious health problems.  

The New Directions Dentistry protocol is the standard for dentists who subscribe to the basic concepts of mercury free and mercury safe, holistic, or biological dentistry. 

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