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There are two ways to search for Mercury Safe Dentists and Mercury Free (Amalgam Free) Dentists who will safely remove amalgam fillings and are also members of Dr. Tom McGuire's Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory and his International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD).

  • Search for Mercury Safe Dentists in the United States by Zip Code: Enter your Zip Code, select the desired miles radius and click Go.
  • Search for Mercury Safe Dentists by selecting the appropriate State, Canadian Province, or Country, and click GO.

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Member dentists will be listed in alphabetical order by City. Scroll through the list until you find a Mercury Safe Dentist in your city, or a city close to you. Click on the dentist's name to learn more about him or her.

Qualifications of Dentists on the Directory
Only dentists who are on Dr. Tom McGuire's Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory are listed. He considers members to be holistic in their approach to dentistry because they are qualified to safely remove and replace mercury amalgam silver fillings and they are aware of the important relationship of oral to overall health. For information about the recommended protocols for safely removing amalgam fillings Click Here. To learn about the advantages of choosing a Mercury Free (Amalgam Silver Free) and Mercury Safe Dentist from Dr. McGuire's Directory, Click Here.

Can't Find a Mercury Safe Dentist - Amalgam Free Dentist - or Mercury Free Dentist on Dr. McGuire's Mercury Safe Dentist Directory?

If you don't find a mercury safe dentist listed in your area click here for more information.


Tell Your Mercury Safe Dentist where You found Him or Her

If you select a Mercury Free and Mercury Safe Dentist from the Directory Listing please let the dentist know that you found him/her from Dr. McGuire's website and be sure to say hello from Dr. Tom.

Advantages of Choosing a Member Dentist Who is Mercury Free And Mercury Safe

My Mercury Amalgam (Silver) Filling Free and Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory includes dentists who are also members of the International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD).

There are a number of distinct advantages of choosing Mercury Safe Dentists, the most important being is that member dentists commit to the following : 

  • The member dentist is Mercury Amalgam/Silver Filling Free and will not place mercury amalgam fillings;

The member dentist will use Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocols that protects the patient, as much as possible, from unnecessary and excessive exposure to mercury during filling removal. Not all mercury safe dentists use the same removal protocols so always ask the dentist if you are unsure about any procedure he or she is using;

Every treatment or service offered by a member dentist will be available to the patient;

The member dentist will be trained in every treatment and therapy he or she offers;

The member dentist will, if requested, provide patients with a source of information about the health hazards of mercury amalgam/silver fillings, mercury detoxification, and oral hygiene education;

The member dentist will, if requested, provide patients with a source of information about the relationship of oral to overall health; and

      • The dentist pledges to practice with integrity and honesty.

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Unless otherwise indicated, Dr. McGuire has no personal knowledge of any Mercury Safe Dentist listed in the directory. The mercury safe dentist internent directory is meant to provide information about dentists who are members of the Mercury Safe Dental Internet Listing Service. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the material on the listing and a dentist listed does not mean that we personally endorse that dentist. We do not assume any responsibility for errors or omissions in a dentists listing nor do we endorse or recommend or are responsible for any treatment or product recommended by a dentist listed on the directory. The purpose of this listing is to provide those looking for a mercury safe and mercury (amalgam Silver Filling free) free dentist on the Internet with dentists who state they are Mercury Amalgam Free and Mercury Safe. It is up to the individual to determine if a dentist listed on the Mercury Safe Dentist Directory provides that service.

Are You a Mercury Free (Amalgam Silver Filling Free Dentist) & Mercury Safe Dentist?

If you are a Mercury Free and Mercury Safe dentist, and want to significantly increase your Internet exposure, you can read more about the many advantages and benefits of being Listed in Dr. McGuire's Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory by Clicking Here.

Video Proof that Mercury Vapor is Released from Amalgam Fillings

For those of you who want visual proof that highly toxic mercury vapor is released from amalgam silver fillings I encourage you to view Dr. Tom McGuire's YouTube Video, Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth. This amazing video clearly demonstrates that not only is poisonous mercury vapor released from mercury amalgam silver fillings but also objectively demonstrates the actual amount of mercury released from an amalgam by a common means of stimulation, tooth brushing.

As you'll see in the Video, brushing a medium sized amalgam filling will release more mercury vapor than allowed by governmental regulatory agencies at the workplace! The Video also compares the amount of mercury vapor released to other forms of stimulation, by the patient and at the dental office - and what you can do about it!

There are many scientific studies that prove this, but it's one thing to read about it and yet another to actually see how much mercury vapor being released from an amalgam filling by an EPA approved mercury vapor analyzer. The short video also offers evidence of the toxicity of mercury and is well worth the few minutes of your time it takes to view the: Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth. Don't forget to tell your friends and family about this video - or a dentist you'd like to help educate about this subject. You can also access the video by searching YouTube for either Tom McGuire, DDS or The Poison in Your Teeth.

Mercury Free Dentistry: Associations and Organizations

There are a number of biological and holistic dental organizations whose goals are to bridge the gap between oral and overall health, promote mercury free dentistry and improve the quality and service of dental treatment. Dr. McGuire is including the ones he's most familiar with here so you will understand why he is comfortable recommending any mercury free dentist who belongs to these Associations/Organizations and also are members of his organizations. They are:

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

The IAOMT is a membership organization for dental, medical and research professionals who seek to promote Mercury Free (Amalgam Free) and Mercury Safe dentistry, and raise the standards of scientific biocompatibility in the dental practice. The IAOMT is an organization whose members have set very high ethics code and rely on science to support their position.

The IAOMT is not only active in protecting the dental patient from exposure to mercury vapor released from amalgam fillings, and other toxic substances used in the dental practice, but in requiring the FDA to ban these toxic fillings. It also seeks to have the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulate and monitor the dental office for mercury, protecting the patient, dentist, staff, and the environment, from unnecessary and excessive exposure to mercury at the dental office. I highly recommend that dentists who are considering becoming Amalgam Free and Mercury Safe contact this organization.

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Holistic Dental Association (HDA)

The Holistic Dental Association (HDA) was formed by a group of dentists who wished to establish an organization that would provide a forum for the development and sharing of health promoting therapies. Today, more and more individuals are assuming greater responsibility for their own health. In this regard, the HDA has assumed a primary obligation to provide information and guidance to those persons seeking to participate in their own health care and to help in the continuing education of dental and health practitioners who have a desire to expand their knowledge and awareness.

This organization is concerned with the oral and overall health of their patients and Dr. McGuire has a very high regard for it and its members. He believes that if you find a dentist who is a member of the HAD and also of the IAMFD you will be assured of a dental practitioner who is mercury free, mercury safe, knowledgeable, and of high integrity.

International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM)

The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, or IABDM, is committed to the education of holistic dentists, physicians and health practitioners in the art and science of biological dentistry. Biological practice is socially, spiritually, ecologically and environmentally aware. Its practitioners honor the right to informed consent. They know the human body is more than a collection of parts that can be mechanically worked on in isolation. Seeing us as whole, unified beings, they respect each person’s individual uniqueness and dignity. IABDM members are committed to providing the patient with the knowledge, tools and power to take charge of his or her health.

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Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI)

This is another organization Dr. McGuire respects. This Institute is one of the world's premier post-graduate dental teaching centers and was established to educate, guide and support dentists in the delivery of the most advanced patient-based care possible and many of the dentists who graduate from the Institute have mercury free practices. Because the LVI stresses advanced education in cosmetic dentistry LVI dentists,who are also mercury free, are experts at replacing mercury amalgam fillings with the latest in composite, and other appropriate dental fillings, inlays, and crowns. Replacing amalgam fillings with composites is very technique sensitive and LVI graduates are highly skilled at this procedure. Because of this Dr. McGuire highly recommends a IAMSD member dentist who is also an LVI graduate. An LVI member dentist will include this information with in the Key Information section of the database listing; so be sure to look for it.

Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory: How to Apply for a Listing

If you are a Mercury Safe and Mercury Free dentist, you can learn more about the many benefits and advatages of being on the Directory by Clicking Here. You can sign up for a listing on the Directory by calling 800-335-7755, or register on-line by Clicking Here. The minimum requirement for a free listing is that you do not place mercury amalgam fillings and provide patients with a safe environment for mercury amalgam removal.

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Listing Disclaimer

The Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory is compiled by Dental Wellness Institute, LLC as a reference source for dentists who state they are mercury free (amalgam silver filling free) and use a safe procedure for removing mercury amalgam fillings. Use of the Referral does not, in any way, mean that the Dental Wellness Institute:


  • endorses the individual member dentists listed;
  • guarantees the accuracy of the information presented by the dentists listed or assumes responsibility for any omissions or errors to their listing;
  • ensures a listed dentist is licensed or subject to any disciplinary action.

It is up to the individual to evaluate and determine the best dentist for him or her and the DWI assumes no responsibility for any treatment preformed by any dentist on the list.



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