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Mercury Free & Mercury Safe Dentists: What If You Can’t Find One in Your Area?

In 2021 only about 15% of all dentists in the USA were mercury free and mercury safe and not every mercury free dentist will be listed on the database. Mercury safe dentists are a minority and often face severe pressure from the American Dental Association (ADA) and its pro-amalgam peers. Thus, mercury safe dentists tend to support each other and will often know other dentists who are mercury safe in their various countries and states. If you can’t find a mercury safe dentist in your city or town, call the one listed nearest to where you live and ask to be referred to a mercury free dentist close to you. It may take a few phone calls but it will be worth the effort.

Help Us with Our Mercury Safe Listing Directory

If you know of a mercury safe dentist who is not on our list please tell him or her about the website and mercury safe dentist database, We know they will appreciate finding out about it. Also, if you know of one who is listed but no longer practicing, please Email Us and send us the appropriate information. Your efforts will help us keep the database updated and your participation will make it work better for everyone. Thanks! 

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Mercury Safe Dentistry: Some Comments from Dr. Tom

Mercury free and mercury safe dentistry has come a long way since I graduated from dental school. At that time less than 1% of dentists were mercury free so we are definitely headed in the right direction. There has also been significant improvements in the equipment and techniques used in the practice of mercury safe dentistry and that is good news for the dental patient. But in spite of the progress there still isn't a universal consensus on just what mercury free dentistry consists of. Because it is not taught in dental schools there are no universal standards so the approach to mercury free dentistry will vary from dentist to dentist. While all are in agreement that mercury is a very poisonous substance and a serious health hazard, there is a lack of consensus in one important area . . . how to remove mercury amalgam fillings.

One area of disagreement is which of these toxic fillings should be removed first and how many should be removed at the initial, and succeeding appointments. Another important area of disagreement is in how to protect the patient from unnecessary mercury exposure during the removal of amalgam fillings. Both of these subjects are covered in detail in The Poison in Your Teeth: Mercury Amalgam (Silver) Fillings . . . Hazardous to Your Health! and Your Complete Guide to Mercury Detoxification: How to Safely Remove Mercury from Your Teeth and Body, but I feel it would be helpful if you have a clear understanding of your choices. Learn more about Safely Removing Amalgam Fillings.

A Suggestion 

Finding a mercury safe dentist is more important if you have any existing health issues or immune system dysfunction, especially any form of allergy. If you are in this category, I highly recommend reading The Poison in Your Teeth and Mercury Detoxification before you have any of your mercury amalgam fillings removed.

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