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Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body: Making Patient Education Profitable

Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body: How to Improve Your Oral and Overall Health was written to help make your efforts at educating your patients practical, rewarding, and profitable. It’s designed to simplify and standardize patient education and to be easily inserted into your existing prevention program. The philosophy behind providing my book to your patients is to give them a source of information about the basics of preventing dental disease, that they can access as the need arises. Healthy Teeth is that source and while it’s written for the dental patient, it will be just as valuable for you and your staff.

The following are a few reasons why Healthy Teeth is a very cost-effective way to make your existing prevention program more effective and profitable. 


Educating the Patient Outside the Dental Office

Healthy Teeth will solve the often frustrating problem of how to easily, effectively, and inexpensively educate your dental patients—away from the dental office. As one of the leading authorities on patient education, I know how difficult it is to find enough time in the office to give your patients all the information they need to adequately do their part.  

My book will creatively teach your patients the fundamentals of oral hygiene, motivate them to perform them, and—best of all—significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on in-office preventive education. Once they have been educated about the basics of prevention, it is a simple task to customize each patient’s oral hygiene program to fit his or her individual needs. My philosophy is that “You have to treat your dental patients at the office, but you don’t have to teach them there.” 

Defining the Role of the Dental Patient and Dental Hygienist

My book clearly informs the patient of the role he or she must play in treating, healing, and preventing dental disease. They will learn one of the most important concepts of an effective oral hygiene education program: prevention isn’t done to them, but by them. Healthy Teeth also explains to the patient the vital role the dental hygienist plays in preventing, healing, and treating dental disease.

Most importantly, my book does not attempt to make the dental patient an expert on diagnosis or treatment, and it does not tell you how to run your prevention program. 

Demonstrates the Importance of Oral Hygiene Education  

We now know that the damage dental disease can do is not restricted to the gums and the teeth; the relationship of oral to general health has been conclusively proven. Dental disease may start in the mouth, but it can quickly become a serious disease of the entire body—and must be dealt with accordingly. 

As you know, studies have shown that moderate to severe gum disease can increase the risk and severity of:

  • heart attack by as much as 25%;
  • stroke by as much as a factor of 10;
  • respiratory disease;
  • digestive disease; and
  • low birth weights.

Gum disease makes it more difficult to control diabetes; there is also a direct relationship between gum disease and osteoporosis. What is worse, it can severely stress the immune system, lowering the body’s resistance to other diseases—actually reducing life expectancy! Learn more about the direct Relationship of Oral to Overall Health.


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