Minimizing Occupational Exposure to Mercury in the Dental Office - Vol 1, February 2010

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How to Protect Yourself, Patients, Staff and Environment
Mercury Free Isn't Enough
Promoting a Mercury Safe Practice
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Dear Brenda,  
As a member of my Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Listing, I have some great news that I want to share with you in this issue. The DVD of our Seminar: How to Make Your Practice Mercury Safe: Minimizing Occupational Exposure to Mercury in the Dental Office is now available.
Together with Dr. Paul Rubin, one of the leaders in developing the clinical guidelines for a Mercury Safe dental practice, we have produced the definitive A to Z guide to making certain your practice is Safe from Occupational Exposure to Mercury.
The questions I'm asking is:  Do you really know how Mercury Safe you are?  The answer needn't be a guess.  You owe it to yourself to make absolutely certain that you are, for all concerned.
Read on to learn more about the many benefits of being Mercury Safe, or Click Here to access the New Directions Dentistry Website!

Tom McGuire, DDS

How to Protect Yourself, Patients, Staff & Environment from Mercury 

The DVD will teach you the protocols, products and equipment, you need to make certain you are a fully compliant Mercury Safe Practice . . . from one source! Doing so means you will have done everything possible to protect yourself, your patients, the staff, and the environment from occupational exposure to mercury. Our DVD is the only one available to dentists and with our unique step-by-step, interactive program to guide you, the work has been done for you; saving valuable time and money.


Click Here for more information about what this exceptional DVD offers.
Mercury Free is Not Enough

There is a Significant Difference between being Mercury Free and Mercury Safe! Today, 52% of general dentists no longer place amalgam fillings. But the majority aren't Mercury Safe and it's no longer enough to just be Mercury Free.  After all, the greatest exposure to mercury vapor at the dental office does not occurs when amalgam fillings are placed, but when they are unsafely removed!  

Thanks to increased media interest, more and more people are aware of the toxic effects of mercury and want to know that they are being protected at the dental office. Click Here to learn more about why it isn't enough to just be Mercury Free. To read Dr. McGuire's informative article on Mercury Free and Mercury Safe: What's in a Name, Click Here.  
Promoting a Mercury Safe Practice
But the DVD isn't just about doing the right thing in protecting the dental team, patients and the environment from excessive and unnecessary occupational exposure to mercury. An entire segment is dedicated to showing how to cost-effectively promote and market a Mercury Safe practice. As you well know, gaining an edge in the competition for dental patients is particularly important in these difficult financial times. Here are some of the benefits of promoting your Mercury Safe practice. 
  • Attracting New Word-of-Mouth Patients
  • Generating New Patients from Health Practitioners
  • Increasing Treatment Plan Acceptance
  • Increasing Revenues
 To learn about the benefits of promoting your mercury safe practice Click Here.
Additional Benefits of Being Mercury Safe
We believe the moral and ethical aspect of minimizing your patients' and your staff's exposure to toxic mercury vapor will be sufficient motivation for you to want to make your practice Mercury Safe. There is no doubt that it pays to be Mercury Safe and we believe that you should take full advantage of the many benefits it will offer! But there are other, even more important advantages to consider, such as;
  • Minimizing the Risk of Lawsuits
  • Becoming OSHA Compliant for Mercury
  • Protecting the Environment

Click Here for more information about the protection being Mercury Safe offers you against lawsuits, OSHA regulations and how you can be a green office when it comes to environmental protection. 
And There's More . . . Including CE Credits
The DVD is also the perfect vehicle for educating and motivating your dental team (and associates if appropriate) and is far less expensive and time consuming than the high costs associated with traveling to a seminar. Nothing you can do is more important to your practice then making absolutely certain it is Mercury Safe.
In addition, the DVD also offers six-hours of Continuing Education (CE) Credits. Click Here for more information about CE Credits.

DVD Purchase Bonus
In addition to the many benefits described above you will also receive:   
  • A complimentary copy of Dr. McGuire's important book, "The Poison in Your Teeth"
  • Marketing material detailing how to cost-effectively promote your Mercury Safe Practice;
  • Access to the largest organized and reference database of articles pertaining to mercury;
  • A discount on Dr. McGuire's Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Listing Service;
  • Certificate of Course Completion.
 For more detailed information about these added bonuses Click Here
Faculty and Testimonials
Dr. McGuire and Dr, Rubin are pioneers in promoting Mercury Free and Mercury Safe dentistry. Combining over 60 years of experience, both are considered to be leading authorities in these areas. Click Here to learn more about them. 
A number of dentists and staff attending our seminar responded to our feedback form. Click Here to read what they had to say about the seminar.   
Summing it Up
We believe that being Mercury Safe should be the cornerstone of the modern dental practice. In order to ensure that your practice is Mercury Safe you'll need to know why and how to Minimize Occupational Exposure to Mercury in the Dental Office. The DVD contains the entire seminar presented in Portland, OR and includes all the information necessary to become a fully compliant Mercury Safe Dental Practice.
The information on the DVD is not available anywhere else and accessing what you need from a single source will save you countless hours of research. We encourage you to review the website to learn why you should become Mercury Safe and then use the DVD as your guide to introducing the products and protocols into your practice. Click Here to visit our New Directions Dentistry website.
Visit Dr. McGuire's Website
If you haven't visited my website in a while, or checked out your listing, be sure to do so. I've added I have a number of new features to the Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Listing and many more pages of information to the website.
I've also added new oral health and mercury detoxification products and supplements, and my books can be ordered on my website. Click on the item of interest for more information. 
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"We are all in this together, and only together can we truly make a difference!"