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Volume II Apr/2010
Dear Brenda,  

Having a tough time marketing your Mercury Safe practice?  "The Poison in Your Teeth: Mercury Amalgam (Silver) Fillings...Hazardous to Your Health", was written to help educate patients and health professionals about amalgam fillings. It is the cornerstone of a marketing program designed to help you generate new patients and increase revenues!
As a member of Dr. McGuire's Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Listing you can currently purchase a case of 48 "Poison" books for the very low price of $240 ($5 ea.).  Regular member price is $336 ($7 ea.) Retail price for non-members is $14.95 per book.  This offer is limited so... Click Here to email us or call 800-335-7755 TODAY! 
Read on to learn more about how to cost-effectively promote your practice using my informative books....
Increasing Patient Referrals with Books 
Poison Book Image
"The Poison in Your Teeth"
This book includes all the information anyone needs to know about the many health hazards of mercury amalgam fillings.  It is informative, well-documented and extremely easy to read and understand.
Provide the book to new patients and existing patients who have questions about safe amalgam removal.  Because it is so informative, the book will be passed around to friends and family, resulting in more referrals.  In addition, time saved in your office by providing this book to select patients will in effect generate more revenues. 
Provide this book to your staff and bring them on board with the importance of being Mercury Safe.  Many office personnel are not aware how amalgam fillings can harm their health and why they should be safely removed. Once your staff understands this, they will actively promote your mercury safe practice and become a great source of new referrals. The key to having the book generate new patients is to always stamp your contact information on the first page and inside the back cover of each book you give out.
Booklet To Educate Health Professionals
HP Booklet CoverOral to Overall Health Booklet
Dr. McGuire's new booklet "The Relationship Of Oral to Overall Health: What Every Health Practitioner Needs to Know", is designed to help build a patient referral system with health practitioners in your area.
Provide this booklet along with a copy of  "The Poison in Your Teeth" to health practictioners. Many traditional and alternative practitioners do not fully understand the important link between oral health and general health nor are they aware of how hazardous amalgam fillings are to one's health. Providing health practitioners a "Poison" book with the booklet will educate them about why they should refer patients to your office.
Health Practitioners are a goldmine of patient referrals and these marketing tools will allow you to mine it. To find more about the information contained in the booklet, please visit my website or click: What Health Professionals Need to Know
Patient Education Helps Build Patient Referrals
HP Booklet CoverBecome the Education Dentist!
Dr. McGuire's books allow you to educate your patients away from the office! "Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body", was written to help make your efforts at educating your patients practical and cost-effective but rewarding and profitable. The philosophy behind providing the books to your patients is to give them a source of information about the basics of preventing dental disease, that they can access as the need arises. 99% of your patients will never have been given this information before. The result is that the book will be passed around, providing another cost-effective way to promote your practice.
More about Gum Disease, Health and Books
Mercury Detox Book
Mercury Detoxification: The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body
This book was written to provide information that is useful for any dentist, health practicitioner or layperson dealing with chronic mercury poisoning.  It takes the reader through the step-by-step process of understanding mercury detoxification, simplifies a subject that is complicated and provides a detailed program that can be followed by anyone.  Even if you are already providing detoxification guidance to patients, this book can be a valuable tool. If not, it is a great way to introduce this subject to patients who request it.
As a member of my Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Listing Service, this special discounted price for the "Poison in Your Teeth" book is only available to you.  You'll save money when you purchase the books and increase revenues by using them to generate new patients.  
Given the reality of the dental practice most dentists do not have the time or tools to develop a practical and cost-effective marketing strategy for a mercury safe office; that is why we have done the work for you. Join the growing list of members who are utilizing my books to grow their practices. 
Also as a benefit of membership, you receive discounted prices on all my books. Call 800-335-7755 for further details.
Tom McGuire, DDS  
Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Listing Service
Special Message from Dr. Tom
If you haven't yet ordered the New Directions Dentistry DVD on How to Make Your Practice Mercury Safe: Minimizing Occupational Exposure to Mercury in the Dental Office, I encourage you to do so. Everything you need to know to make certain your practice is mercury safe is found on the DVD. It is the only one available to dentists and includes a segment on how to promote your mercury safe practice, add new patients and increase revenues. Six-Hours of CE Credits are also available. Visit for more information.
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