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1558.27 524-64 638.58 960.84 740.03 402.40 1511-75 3190-56 4437-36 5555-14 2045.40 26S4.6S 61632.20 938.28 tropical climates where the only water' available is distilled water, the teeth of the men are seriously affected. This difficulty was overcome by adding both lime and salt to the water. Levaquin Levofloxacin Thresh also states that: "A French commission arrived at the conclusion that a moderately hard water was the best, and that persons residing in dis- tricts supplied with such water had a better physique than those living in districts where soft water was used ; and a Levaquin 750 Vienna commission expressed the same opinion." Coles Finch (5) has this to say regarding the subject of hardness and its influence upon health : "I Levaquin 750 Mg am of the opinion that hard water Levaquin 500 Mg is beneficial to the Levaquin Buy human system to a far greater extent than we are generally aware, especially to children and young people, the lime in the water helping to build up their frames. Children cannot drink too much of this water ; for as has been noted in hard water districts the absence of rickets is apparent, and the inhabitants generally have better teeth than Buy Levofloxacin those living in soft water districts. If this is' so, the whole frame must also derive an equal benefit, though not so apparent." Again he says: "Wanklyn, in his practical treatise on water analysis, says : 'The Metropolitan water contains four or five times as much solid Levaquin Cheap matter as the Manchester and Glasgow waters. The health- fulness of London is higher than either, and I am like principal sanitary conditions, the death rate is not raised or lowered by the softness or hardness of the water." From a study of his data Gammage concludes that : "Neither in the individual results nor in the group results is there enough consistency to say that hard waters are more destructive to life than soft waters." Dole (7) cites analyses of waters containing solids up to 5,000 parts in the million which have been used for years for all domestic purposes with- out noticeable ill effect. He sums up his conclu- sions by saying: "The amount of inorganic matter that may be present in drinking waters without having appreciable physiological effect is Purchase Levaquin compara- tively great." If natural water containing salts in compara- tively large quantities is Levaquin 500 so harmful as some would have us believe, why are physicians continually sending patients to American and foreign spas for treatment? The waters at these various places Levofloxacin 500 contain from hundreds to thousands of parts in the million of solids, mostly, carbonates, sulphates, and chlorides, yet they are prescribed freely for gout, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, kidney and urin- ary disorders, etc. Our own Saratoga waters, and Levofloxacin 500 Mg such foreign waters as l^ms, Fachingen, Langen- schwalbach, Vichy, Folkstone, and others are classed as valuable medicinal agents in alleviating Cheap Levaquin the unhealthful conditions mentioned. December 9, 1916.] RECTOR: HARD WATER AND HEALTH. 1 Levaquin Online 145 The following tables give the sulphates, chlorides, bicarbonates, and total solid content of some of the better known American and foreign waters Buy Levaquin that are used and recommended by ph3'sicians in the treatment of disease. No attempt is made to in- clude all sonrces of this nature, and those given are for ilkistrative purposes only. Tens Levofloxacin Levaquin of thousands of jxitients visit these spas each year solely for their curative effects. 500 Mg Levaquin Thompson (i8) is authority for the statement that Kissingen alone is visited annually by more than 34,000 Buy Cheap Levofloxacin patients, and that upward of 1,600 American patients have been in the habit of going to Nauheim each year. Of the diseases usually attributed to the use Levaquin Mg of hard water, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, gout, goitre, and various renal affections are the most prominent. In the table of foreign spas noted above, almost without exception the Buy Levofloxacin Online water is rec- ommended in one or more of these diseased con- ditions; while the report of the commissioners of the State Reservation at Saratoga, for 1913, says

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