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Oct 14 - 16, 2011 




Dr. Tom McGuire


MELISA Medica Foundations

MELISA Medica Foundation's
15th International Conference

October 14 - 16, 2011  Thessaloniki, Greece

Identifying Triggers of Inflammation in Chronic Disease:

The Key to Successful Treatment

Information about the Conference

Metals, such as mercury, don't only cause toxic effects in the body, but may also induce allergy and autoimmunity. Metal-induced inflammation can be one of the factors behind chronic illnesses such multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue.

A blood test, MELISA, can be used to pinpoint the metal(s) in dental restorations that a patient is reacting to. Removal of incompatible dental metals has to be done under a strict protocol to minimize unnecessary exposure. Biocompatible materials like zirconia are often recommended to metal-sensitive individuals.

Dentists, physicians and researchers are gathering in Thessaloniki, Greece, for a weekend conference to discuss diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic diseases.

Speakers include Dr Sami Sandhaus, a pioneer in implantology and zirconia and Vera Stejskal, inventor of the MELISA test.

Program Details & Registration

For the conference program and details of registration please see or email

Thessaloniki 2011


Julia Glendinning

MELISA Medica Foundation

Tel: +1 4420 8133 5166

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