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Dedicated to Educating the Public about the Health Hazards
of Amalgam Filling, Chronic Mercury Poisoning, Mercury
Detoxification and the Relationship of Oral to Overall Health!

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3BKSebook Three Book set of eBooks $30.00
3BKS Three Book Set $34.90
PoisonUSA The Poison in Your Teeth - PRINTED BOOK $14.95
PoisonEBook The Poison in Your Teeth - EBOOK VERSION $12.00
PoisMembEbook The Poison in Your Teeth - eBook Version $10.00
PoisMemb The Poison in Your Teeth $12.00
PPSB Pocket Pack Sulcabrush $7.25
RT Replacement Tips $2.65
RDENTASS2 Renew Primary Dentist plus Assoc., 2 years $1,390.00
RDENTASS1 Renew Primary Dentist plus Assoc., 1 year $735.00
RDENTOFF2 Renew Primary Dentist plus Add Office., 2 years $1,160.00
RDENTOFF1 Renew Primary Dentist plus Add Office., 1 year $615.00
R1DENT2 Renew One Dentist, One Office, 2 years $900.00
R1DENT1 Renew One Dentist, One Office $475.00
R1ASS2 Renew Associate Dentist, 2 years $490.00
R1ASS1 Renew Associate Dentist $260.00
R1OFF2 Renew Additional Office, 2 years $260.00
R1OFF1 Renew Additional Office, 1 year $140.00
EV Referenced Articles & Abstracts - Internet Version $225.00
DETOXMEMB PRINTED BOOK - Mercury Detoxification $18.00
DETOX PRINTED BOOK - Mercury Detoxification $19.95
DENTASS1 Primary Dentist, Plus Associate, 1 year $735.00
1DENT2 Primary Dentist, One Office, 2 years $900.00
1DENT1 Primary Dentist, One Office $475.00
DENTASS2 Primary Dentist plus Associate, 2 years $1,390.00
DENTOFF2 Primary Dentist plus 1 Additional Office, 2 yrs. $1,160.00
DENTOFF1 Primary Dentist plus 1 additional office $615.00
MM Mouth Mirror with Light $7.95
DVD-P Mercury: Dr. McGuire's Continuous Loop DVD $29.95
MP Marketing Program $250.00
IS3 Irrigating Syringe - 3 for the price of 2 $19.90
IS Irrigating Syringe $9.95
IPP Intermediate Prevention Package $33.75
HTHBMemb Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body, Members Price $10.00
HTHB-Me Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body eBook $8.00
HTHBOUS Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body - Shipped outside US or Canada $11.95
HTHB Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body - Printed Book $11.95
HTHBCan Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body (Canada) $11.95
HTHBe Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body eBook $9.00
EBDB1 EBOOK - Mercury Detoxification: The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body $18.00
DETOXEB1Memb EBOOK - Mercury Detoxification $16.00
BPP Basic Prevention Package $22.15
1ASS1 Associate Dentist, One Year $260.00
1ASS2 Associate Dentist, 2 years $490.00
1OFF2 Additional office, 2 years $260.00
1OFF1 Additional office, 1 year $140.00
HTHBDISC Healthy Teeth Healthy Body Print Discount $8.95
HTHBeDisc Healthy Teeth Healthy Body ebook Discount $6.75
1DENTDISC Primary Dentist One Office - Spec Disc $400.00
PoisonDisc Poison in Your Teeth - Disc $11.21
PoisonEDisc Poison in Your Teeth - eBook discounted $9.00
DETOX-DISC Mercury Detoxification: Printed Book - Discounted $14.95
DETOXEBKDISC Mercury Detoxification - eBook Discounted $13.50
1DENT1SP Primary Dentist, One Office $375.00
1ASS1SP Associate Dentist One year $225.00
NewAd Newsletter Ad $525.00
NewAdAdd Newsletter Additional Ad $125.00
DVDSafe DVD Course: How to Make Your Practice Mercury Safe: Minimizing Occupational Exposure to Mercury at $195.00
pd1covid Primary Dentist, One Office $225.00
ad1covid Associate Dentist, One Year $125.00
MSEA-Silver MSEA Silver Plan $795.00
MSEA-Gold MSEA Gold Plan $895.00
MSEA-Platinum Mercury Safe Education Add-On $995.00
MSEA-Silver-Listed MSEA Silver Plan (Listed) $695.00
MSEA-Gold-Listed MSEA Gold Plan (Listed) $795.00
MSEA-Platinum-Listed Mercury Safe Education Add-On (Listed) $895.00
MSEA-Renew MSEA Annual Renewal Fee $500.00
MSEA-Gold-Plus-Directory MSEA Gold Plan Plus Directory Listing $1,120.00
MSEA-Platinum-Plus-Directory Mercury Safe Education Add-On Plus Directory Listing $1,220.00
MSEA-Silver-Plus-Directory MSEA Silver Plan Plus Directory Listing $1,020.00
MSEA-Customization Fee for Customizing a Mercury Safe Education Add-On $100.00
MSEA-Embedded MSEA Embedded Option $200.00
MSEA-Platinum-Listed-Beta MSEA Platinum Plan (Listed Plus Beta) $795.00
MSEA-Gold-Listed-Beta MSEA Gold Plan (Listed Plus Beta) $695.00
MSEA-Silver-Listed-Beta MSEA Silver Plan (Listed Plus Beta) $595.00

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